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Latino Blogging in Southern California

Image from Lotería Chicana

** This was a post from a while back. Latino bloggers used to get together to hang out in the downtown Los Angeles area. Let me know if you are interested in having the bloggeros get together again at bloggeros(at)EastsideScene.com.



It is great to know there are so many great Latino writers out there sharing information, stories, and opinions in the form of web logs or “blogs.” On Tuesday night, writers from Lotería ChicanaPachucoville and EastsideScene met outside the virtual world to discuss life, writing, curanderas, food, the perils of social networking and blogging in L.A.

We all  decided to plan another get-together and invite more Latino bloggers/potential bloggers into the fray. If you are a blogger or potential blogger, please email us at bloggeros(at)EastsideScene.com for the details about the get together planned for February 2008 in East Los Angeles.

For your reading pleasure, here is a short list of some cool Latino blogs in no particular order:
Lotería Chicana

The Great Taco Hunt
Sickly Season / notes from mictlan
Luis Rodriguez
La Bloga