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Best CicLAvia Photos – April15, 2012

Great CICLAVIA Picture Los Angeles 041512

The picture above is not from a funky race in a bike-centric city like Salem, Oregon. No, this is a friendly bike ride in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

The concept for CicLAvia is simple —  10 miles of Los Angeles City streets are closed to cars for the day. Bring a bike, scooter, skates, wagon, or just your feet and take part in the pedestrian party. The picture above shows some of the over 100,000 people who thought that this sounded like a good idea. CicLAvia is a new way to experience Los Angeles.  You roll down the beautiful Los Angeles streets, avenues and boulevards that thought they were made for cars, but find they work even better for bikes, skates, and runners.

If you haven’t experienced it, picture this — you are surrounded by your neighbors. They are smiling and they whoop and holler often throughout the route. There are trikes and  lowrider bikes, skaters and joggers, rugged unicyclers and jump ropers, dog-driven bikes and pedal-powered bars, camera men and super heroes (pic 1, 2, and 3). They are all next to you, enjoying the sweet California day. Everybody is pleasant and ready to help if something goes wrong.

It is true that when they are in their monstrous metal machines, they are the same people that cut you off on the freeway or honk angrily at you when you are waiting for that parking space — but not today. Today, they are here to enjoy your communal company and to offer you oranges. You overhear time and time again, “Isn’t this great? Los Angeles needs to do this more often!” Sometimes that sentiment is coming from your lips.

Once you experience CicLAvia you will never forget it. This is the Los Angeles of dreams — the mixing pot where 100,000 Angelinos from every background imaginable ride together as one.

On this beautiful April day, not one arrest is made — people were too intent on enjoying their day.

It works. Los Angeles, the experiment, works. This is why people flock here from all over the world.

And the flock has bikes. Who knew?

Below is the collection of  best CicLAvia photographs we took on 041512…and don’t ask us what that couple is doing on the ground.

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