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Javier Hernandez, comic creator, will release THE COMA at GEEKS Comics in Whittier on Sat, Nov 19, 2011

Javier Hernandez, the independent comic book creator known for creating EL MUERTO, the Aztec Zombie, will be releasing his newest comic, THE COMA, at GEEKS Comics in Whittier on Saturday, November 19, 2011.

Hernandez’s latest comic is THE COMA, which is about…nope, can’t tell you yet. You will get all that info below in the interview we did with Hernandez. Not only does he talk about The COMA, COMA CON, and COMA CAKE, but he also talks about his interest in comics, the movie that was made about El Muerto starring Wilmer Valderrama (El Muerto DVD link), and shares his advice for people wanting to break into the comics-writing world.

Also, check out his artwork that is currently on display as part of the UCLA Chicano Studies exhibit “Chican@s Collect: The Duron Family Collection”

- Interview with Javier Hernandez -

What what were the first comics you remember reading?
My older brother Albert gave me stacks of his comics, which include late 60s/early 70s runs of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, FANTASTIC FOUR, DAREDEVIL, INCREDIBLE HULK, BATMAN, etc. A great sampling of classic Marvel and DC comics.

Who are your main artistic influences?

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